7 Easy Easter Party Ideas for Kids

by Linette

Children love holiday parties and Easter is no exception! If you are planning an Easter party for your little bunnies, take a look below at some helpful tips to make it the best bash yet! Planning your own Easter party for kids is easy, you just need to get a little creative and be willing to have fun. Here are 7 easy Easter party ideas for kids you can try!

Easter Party Ideas for Kids

Easter Party Ideas for Kids

1. Invite guests to participate via their outfits.
When you invite your guests, ask them to wear spring colors to the party or their favorite spring hat. This is a fun and wacky way to involve guests in the festivities and really set the theme of spring fun.

2. Enjoy some Easter themed snacks.
Stick to the simple finger foods that kids love, but be sure to add some themed snacks as well. Marshmallows can be “bunny tails” while carrots and ranch dip can be “bunny food.” Don’t forget the Peeps and jellybeans, which look cute when served in colorful cupcake cups or even plastic eggs.

Here are a few more Easter theme snack ideas for your party:

3. Make your own spring themed décor.
Try making your own décor. Just head to the dollar store for silk flowers, colorful tissue paper, and lots of jelly beans. Jelly beans when added to a vase make an instant centerpiece, while tissue paper can be made into pom poms to hang from the ceiling. You can even put out bowls of colorful plastic eggs, or hang them from dental floss like a banner.

More Easter theme party decor ideas:

4. Play some Easter theme games.
There are so many Easter games you can play, including Guess How Many Jelly Beans are in the Jar and Pin the Tail on the Bunny. For this game, just find a bunny photo and enlarge it. Blind fold children and have them take turns pinning a cotton ball on the bunny. Of course, you can always do an egg hunt too.

More Easter game ideas:

5. Don’t forget the Easter entertainment.
Why not enjoy a showing of the movie It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown? It is a family friendly Easter flick that kids are sure to love, and at about 30 minutes long it will keep their attention until you are ready to move onto another activity.

6. Get crafty!
Give kids a chance to get crafty and make some simple Easter décor. Paper plates, craft paper, pom poms, and googly eyes are all you need to make paper plate bunny masks. You can also make baby chicks out of yellow pom poms, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners.

More kid’s Easter party craft ideas:

7. Don’t forget the door prizes.
Head to the dollar store where Easter candy, Easter bubbles, Easter socks, and more are waiting for you and will make the perfect door prizes. Gather a handful of these items into an Easter basket for kids to enjoy when they leave.

So are you ready to start planning your Easter party? Planning an Easter party for children can be a cinch when you give these party planning tips a try! You are sure to have a memorable time. Do you have any favorite Easter party ideas for kids you’d like to share?

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