11 Easter Peep Recipe Ideas

by Deb

Are you a fan of Easter Peeps? Are you looking for some Easter Peep recipe ideas? Even if you’re not, these recipes might just make you a believer! Check out all the yummy and cute ways you can incorporate Peeps into your cooking and food table displays this spring and Easter.

Easter Peeps Recipes

Cupcakes with marshmallow icing– These cupcakes are super cute and easy to make and  the marshmallow icing is so delicious like melt in your mouth.

Peeps Pudding Cups–What a super cute idea to make these peeps pudding cups. All the kids will love these plus they will be fun to eat also.


Peeps Easter Bouquet-This Easter peep bouquet is a really cute idea to take to a party or a dinner as your dessert to bring.

Peeps Dip-Dips are always a good thing to make to take to  get togethers, this peeps dip would be a good one to take. It will be a good conversation piece also on how to make it.

Peeps Rice Krispies Treats-All the little and old family or co workers will love these rice krispies treats.


Mini Cupcake Pops-How adorable are these cupcake pops they are so much  easier to eat then regular cupcakes. Maybe the kids won’t be as messy with these.

Chocolate Covered Peeps– For all you chocolate lovers that love marshmallows  also these pops are sure to be a thing you will love. Chocolate+marshmallow= delicious

Easter Bunny Cupcakes–  These easter bunny cupcakes would be a great center piece put them on a plate and some Easter grass and you have a cute center piece.

White Chocolate Dipped Peeps– These are the cutest easiest white chocolate dipped peeps the kids will love this twist in their Easter basket

Skate Boarding Peeps-These skateboarding peeps would be a hit for all the little ones in their Easter basket or just for fun to make then eat them afterwards

Rice Krispies Treat Peeps Pizza– Rice Krispies and peeps are loved in our house so this would be great to take to Easter dinner for a dessert


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Dawn Lopez April 4, 2014 - 1:48 pm

How fun, this is an awesome roundup! Thanks so much for including my dip! There is just something about Peeps, can’t get enough of them this time of the year. They’re so CUTE! 😉


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