by Linette

Hello, I’m Linette. I love everything fun for kids and families, and keeping up with the latest products, crafts, movies, sports, outdoor activities, vacation destinations, clothing styles, and fun things to do with children.  I want to share those fun ideas, activities, games, sources, and products with you! I’ll let you know what works, and I’ll try to dig up some of the best products, games, toys, party food, craft ideas and more.

We love children’s movies at our house, so I love to throw in a movie review, or the latest information on upcoming children’s movies once in a while, and we’ll definitely have all the fun toys, party ideas, crafts, and fun foods to go with the best kid’s movies! We usually try to see movies on opening weekend, so we’ll let you know what’s hot at the box office, as well as some fun ideas to go with it.

We’re a typical mid-western family. We’re located in southwest Ohio, just a little north of the Dayton area. I love sharing fun family friendly destinations in our area, and when we travel. Especially anything to do with the great outdoors!

My son loves sports, and as a family we’re very active. We enjoy getting outdoors, riding bikes, hiking, swimming, roller skating, and many more family friendly activities. My son is also a big fan of basketball, football, and baseball so I’ll definitely find anything fun we can find related to being an active family with your children!

Eating healthier is another thing we try to do as a family, although not always willingly for my son and husband. I will share some fun recipes that are not so healthy, but my perspective changed a few years ago, and now my mission is to come up with recipes that are healthy and fun at the same time!

If you’ve used any of the ideas here, or tried any of the craft projects or products feature here, drop me a note, or leave a comment. I’m always interested in seeing how things work out for others, or knowing if I need to clarify something more.

We love photos, and we love sharing fun photos with our readers. If you have some great birthday, recipe, craft, or other activity photos you’d like to share, send them to us, or if they’re in Flickr, or Photobucket let us know where to find them. I would especially love to see photos or videos of our ideas in action. If possible I’ll share them with our readers here, or add them to our slideshow.

Good luck in all your fun family  adventures. If you have any ideas you’d like to see written up please contact me and let me know.

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