Christmas Recipes For Kids: Santa and Elf Pancakes

by Linette

I have a bunch of fun Christmas recipes for kids coming your way in the next couple weeks! Here’s a fun one to start things off. wouldn’t your kids love to wake up to these on Christmas morning, or any other morning for that matter.

Here’s the recipe courtesy of Betty Crocker’s Sprinkles n’ Grins website, there are tons of other fun recipes and cooking ideas there for every month of the year!

Santa and Elf Pancakes Recipe
Prep Time:
15 Mins
8 pancakes, 4 elves and 2 santas
2 cups Pancake Mix + ingredients required on the box to make the batter
Powdered sugar
1 pint strawberries
1 Banana
2 kiwis
1 cluster green grapes
Betty Crocker® Cloud White Cupcake Icing
Betty Crocker® Ivy Green Cupcake Icing
Betty Crocker® Parlor Perfect Chocolate Sprinkles

1. Make pancake mix as per the directions on the box.
2. Heat the griddle on medium heat and spray with non-stick cooking spray (or use melted butter).
3. Drop 1/3 cup of batter on the griddle for each pancake making 2-3 pancakes at a time depending on the size of your pan or griddle.

For Santa Pancakes, place 2 pancakes on a plate overlapping slightly. Dust the bottom pancake with powdered sugar, as well as some of the top on – this will be Santa’s beard. Use the Betty Crocker Cupcake Frosting to scroll on Santa’s beard and mustache, using the round tip. Slice strawberries and line them up over the top of the pancakes where Santa’s hat would be. Line his hat with more frosting. Use other fruits such as banana slices for eyes and chocolate sprinkles for eyebrows. Be creative and have fun!

For Elf Pancakes, use just one pancake per elf and decorate as desired with green fruits (such as kiwis and sliced green grapes) and frosting.

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