Children’s Letter to Santa Claus Printable Keepsake

by Linette

I have the cutest printable that will allow your child to easily write to Santa Claus for Christmas.  This is perfect for if you have a small child who is not a strong writer, or is only beginning to learn.  It’s a simple fill in the blank prompt with some festive holiday trim so it cannot be mistaken for anything less than the urgent message to the head elf himself.  See the printable below and download this children’s letter to Santa for yourself.


Fill in the Blanks

This is a great way to start trying your child on a basic skill.  The letter to Santa has a simple but standard set of blanks to fill in.  Three things they will need to write frequently as they get older: name, age, and address.


This may be the first time your child writes his/her name down on paper, even if they are more practiced at it.  This children’s letter to Santa will make an excellent keepsake just for that reason.  You will definitely want to save this in a safe place somewhere.

Get the printable PDF Letter to Santa Keepsake here.


What I like about this is that it says “This Christmas I am…” It is a very good opportunity for your child to learn how to determine what age he or she will be at a later date.  Your child my write the letter in November, but have a December birthday.  By stating “This Christmas” the simple statement becomes a thought exercise.


This is a really fun, open ended blank that does not have to be an address, but instead can be any description the child decides to give the home.  It’s in opportunities like this that we can delight in the minds of our children.

The Wish List

The only thing left is to tell Santa how good they’ve been and to say what they want for Christmas.  This is of course the largest section of the letter, but it is not large enough to incite panic when you read your little one’s list of demands in return for their good behavior.  The end is simply signed Love, (blank).  It’s a short sweet little memento, that your child will love and you will cherish for a lifetime.

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