DIY Frozen Cupcake Toppers Printable and Tutorial

by Linette
DIY Frozen Cupcake Toppers Printable and Tutorial

Can you believe it? Frozen 2 hits theaters this weekend! Make your own DIY Frozen cupcake toppers inspired by the Disney movie Frozen.  As winter approaches there is no better time to have a Frozen party, just for fun! Especially with the big Frozen 2 premiere!  Or if you have a birthday celebration coming up soon these adorable little designs of your favorite Frozen characters are sure to be a hit!  See the printable below and the tutorial to make this easy DIY craft come to life.  It’s a very inexpensive way to enhance your party decor and even a fun winter craft for the little ones.

DIY Frozen Cupcake Toppers Printable and Tutorial

Features 9 DIY Frozen Cupcake Toppers

Anna is my favorite she appears here in her most recognizable dress and cloak.

Elsa the beautiful Snow Queen shows off her braided hair.

Kristoff is so cute in his green outfit.

Anna is also in her green coronation dress with a ribbon in her hair.

Olaf breaks the mold in his uniquely adorable appearance.

Sven the reindeer has that headlight look down.

Easy Frozen 2 Printable Cupcake Topper DIY

For the last three I put together some team ups I liked.  You can have fun playing with all of the possible combinations with just pairing these as front and back pieces to your cupcakes.  The pairs are:

Anna and Elsa

Kristoff and Sven

Anna and Olaf

How to make your own DIY Frozen Cupcake Toppers

Making your own Frozen cupcake toppers for a Frozen birthday or holiday party is easy.  My printable includes nine character designs so make sure you have two for every cupcake.  You may need to print out a few sheets.  You can mix and match however you like.  Use colored construction paper to add more substance and a pop of color to your DIY Frozen cupcake toppers.  besides the printable, you will need:

Once you cut out the circles on the printable, use them to cut out shapes in the construction paper.  glue the designs to the construction paper cut outs and position a toothpick in the center, sticking out through the bottom.  This part will stick into the cupcake to anchor the topper.  press the front and back sides together with the toothpick sandwiched in the middle and let dry.

Looking for more Frozen cupcake ideas? Check out these fun Frozen easy cupcakes!

Easy Frozen Cupcake idea

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