Father’s Day Craft and Gift Idea~ Easy Golf Cover For Dad

by Linette
fathers day craft idea easy golf cover

Father’s Day is coming up quick! This year I thought it would be fun to make a Father’s Day craft for our gift, instead of buying it. My husband enjoys golfing (and so does my son), so I decided we could make a golf cover for one of his golf clubs. Remember those knotted pillows that are so simple to make? I borrowed the idea for a golf cover. All you need is a nice size piece of fleece (about 16 inches by 20 inches), some scissors. You can make one cover, or make a whole set, make them plain or add a face. It’s all up to you!

We had orange fleece on hand, and our school colors are orange and black, so it was perfect. You can choose any color you want, or a print to make your cover.

fathers day craft idea easy golf cover

Easy Father’s Day Craft ~ Golf Cover


  • 1 piece of fleece about 20 inches by 16 inches, folded in half so it is 10 inches by 16 inches.
  • scissors
  • A second color of fleece or felt (small pieces or scraps for a face~ optional)
  • glue (0ptional)


1. Fold the piece of fleece in half, so it is 10 inches by 16 inches. None of these measurements have to be exact! Approximate is OK. You’ll have two layers. Put the fold at the top.

2. Cut 5 inch strips in both sides, about 1/2 inch wide. Start by splitting the very top (the fold) about 5 inches. Leave the center whole. After the top cut, you’ll be cutting through 2 layers for each strip. Repeat the process on the other side. See the photo if you’re confused.

3. Once you have 5 inch by 1/2 inch strips on both sides you’re ready to tie the knots. Tie each strip to the same strip below it. Until you’ve knotted all the strings together on both sides. Check out the photo if you’re visual like me.

4. At this point you can add a face if you want to. Use a small glass, or cap to trace around to make the eyes. To make the mouth cut out a moon shape. Glue both to the cover with plenty of craft glue.

5. Slip your cover over dad’s golf clubs and surprise him on Father’s Day. You could also include a gift certificate for a round of golf!

Like I said, this is a super simple Father’s Day craft, the kids can help make. The face is entirely optional, but might be fun for the kids! You can buy an interesting print, or just make a solid colored cover that matches Dad’s golf bag. You can also make a smaller version for smaller clubs.

Have fun with it!



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