St. Patrick’s Day Game Idea For Kids: Leprechaun Nose Race Game

by Linette

Are you planning a kid’s St. Patrick’s Day party this year? We have a fun St. Patrick’s Day game idea for you! Check out this perfect St. Patrick’s Day game for kids. The Leprechaun Nose Race Game is easy to assemble and so fun to play. Here are the directions so you can play it at your next St. Patrick’s Day party!

Leprechaun Noses Fun St. Patrick's Day Game Idea For Kids

What you’ll need:
4 bowls
Chopsticks or green striped paper straws (paper straws are typically nice and thick and durable enough for this game)
Assorted green pom poms

St. Patrick’s Day Game Idea: Leprechaun Nose Game Directions:
1. Start the game by creating two teams. Line each team up in a single file line.
2. Place a bowl of green pom poms otherwise known as “Leprechaun noses” in front of the first child in each line.
3. Place an empty bowl several yards in front of the child.
4. To start the game, have the first child use the chopsticks to pick up one Leprechaun nose. They then need to walk quickly with the nose and drop it in the empty bowl across from them, without dropping the “nose.” Once they do, they can return to the line and hand the chopsticks to the next child. Repeat.

Fun St. Patrick's Day Game Idea For Kids: Leprechaun Nose Race Game

5. Continue having the children carry the noses with the chopsticks to the empty bowl.

If a child drops a nose while carrying it, they can use their chopsticks to continue. You can also adjust this game further based on children’s needs and abilities. The first team to empty the original bowl of noses and transfer all of their noses to the originally empty bowl wins the game!

This is a super fun game to play at a St. Patrick’s Day party, a school party, or with a group from the neighborhood just for fun.

Do you have any fun St. Patrick’s Day kid’s games you like to play?

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