Summer Water Games For Kids ~ Duck Duck Splash

by Linette

Here’s a new summer water twist for you on a fun classic game. It’s been really hot here the last week or so, and my son (like most kids) loves to cool off by getting wet. He went to a fun day camp that was all about water. There were plenty of Summer water games for kids, and they played a really fun water version of Duck Duck Goose.

Summer Water Games For Kids- Duck Duck Splash

This is an updated summer game version, with water involved! The next time you have a yard full of kids show them this fun, wet version of Duck Duck Goose, only I call it Duck Duck Splash.

Duck Duck Splash - Fun Summer Water Games For Kids

Duck Duck Splash is a fun way for the kids to get a little wet, and cool off at the same time. It’s one of the most fun summer water games for kids for summer birthdays, backyard family gatherings, or a fun game for all the neighborhood kids to play on a hot afternoon.

How to Play Duck Duck Splash

The kids sit in a circle just like they do when they play Duck Duck Goose. Give the child who is IT a water balloon, or a cup of water. Have them walk around saying duck, duck, duck, and either tapping the person on their head or splashing a little water on their head as they walk by.

When they’re behind the person they want to tag they yell SPLASH, at the same time they dump the rest of their water on that person’s head or drop their water balloon on their head or back. Then the person chases them around the outside of the circle to see if they can beat them back to their spot, just like the original Duck Duck Splash, errr I mean Goose.

If they catch them, the child is it again, and they pick a new victim to “splash.” If they don’t catch them, then the new person is “it” and finds their own victim to SPLASH.

Duck Duck Splash is a fun game, and it definitely cools things off on a warm day. Do you have any fun summer water games for kids you like to play?

Have fun!

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