Fun Activities For a Cinderella Dreamland Party

by Linette

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If your little princess is planning a Cinderella Dream party there are a ton of ideas and
Cinderella party supplies
out there to fit the theme.

Here are some game and activity ideas to get you started.

Cinderella Party Activities

  • Let them play dress up, little girls love to play dress-up. Have tiaras, shoes, dresses, boas, and necklaces for the girls to try on and giggle over. Don’t forget the video camera to capture the perfect outfit!
  • Go on a treasure hunt to find the glass slipper. Leave clues around the house or yard for the location of the slipper.
  • If your party is in the fall let the guests divide up into teams and decorate small pumpkins as carriages. Give a prize for the best carriage.
  • Your guests would love a  “Cinderella Pull-String Pinata”
  • Set up a Cinderella theme scavenger hunt in the back yard. Hide a couple magic wands, small pumpkins, tiaras or crowns, jewels, glass slippers, thread, and cleaning items.
  • Let your guests make and decorate a cardboard  castle out of old boxes, markers, crayons, styrofoam, construction paper, and their imagination. Then let them play in it while they’re all dressed up as princesses.

If you’ve had or are planning a Cinderella birthday party, please share your activity ideas below.

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Alison Meacham November 25, 2008 - 11:05 am

I have been lucky enough to celebrate many family birthdays at the Disney parks and Cinderella always makes the day very special. The idea for the scavenger hunt is a great one for a party at home!


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