Super Cute Monkey Party Supplies~ Let’s Go Bananas!

by Linette

I’ve always thought a monkey party theme would be really cute, but I’m just bananas over these super cute monkey party supplies from Big Dot of Happiness. I decided I really needed to put together some other monkey party ideas to go with these party supplies!

The best part is they come in 3 different colors to fit any color scheme, including pink, and blue, but my favorite is the monkey neutral.


I’m going to hi-light some of my favorites below, but you can see them all here in more detail~ Monkey Party Supplies

This personalized monkey photo banner is my favorite thing! It would definitely be a keepsake long after the birthday party is over!

I love this personalized monkey hat! How cute is that? Better yet how cute will your little monkey look in it? It’s perfect to make them the center of attention!

I’m always all about the cupcakes, so of course I love these Monkey Cupcake Wraps, adorable!

Monkey cupcake wrappers~ Monkey party ideas

Or these Personalized Monkey Cupcake Picks.

Monkey Cupcake toppers~ Super cute for a monkey birthday party!

You could decorate with some stuffed monkeys, bananas and coconuts. You could also add jungle party decorations to the mix and make some cardboard palm trees and paper bag vines hanging from the ceiling can add the perfect touch to your cute monkey party supplies and ideas.


What about a couple fun monkey party game ideas to go with your cute monkey party supplies?

  • Pin the tail on the monkey
  • Monkey See Monkey Do (Like Simon Says)
  • Monkey In the Middle
  • Freeze Monkey
  • Coconut Toss (with water balloons if you have an outside party)

What kind of game ideas do you have for a monkey birthday party?

Super cute monkey party supplies~ perfect for boys and girls!

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