Jungle Party Decorating Ideas

by Linette

A jungle party is really fun to decorate for. You can go all out and transform your home, or the party location into a jungle, complete with vines, and swinging monkeys.

Here are a few jungle party decorating ideas.

  • Make palm trees out of cardboard tubes and green construction paper. You can even purchase “palms” for the top of your trees in the silk flower section of most craft stores.
  • Set up tiki torches to light the way. If the party is indoors make fake flames, or use battery operated torches, not the real thing.

jungle party decorations

  • Use camouflage fabric, or paint a tarp with camouflage colors to cover the walls and use as a backdrop for your jungle party decorations.
  • You can also find camouflage back drops at many sporting goods stores.
  • Stuffed monkeys hanging from trees, snakes, and other jungle creatures add to the atmosphere.

jungle party decorations camouflage wall

  • Make a tiki jungle hut from cardboard boxes, some paint, sticks, and a grass skirt. This one has a stuffed snake added to the roof.
  • The grass skirts can also be used for the bottoms of the cake and present tables.

jungle party decorations tiki hut

  • Make jungle vines from rope, old paper sacks, brown construction paper, with green construction paper leaves.
  • Silk flowers and foliage can add to the jungle party decorations you create, and fill in any holes.

jungle party decorations vines and leaves

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Christine July 13, 2010 - 6:27 pm

On the very last picture, it looks like a doorway was turned into a cave. I can’t figure out how that was done. How do you make that?

Linette July 13, 2010 - 9:41 pm

Christine~ That entrance had two doors with an entryway in between, so we just filled it in with brown paper. You could probably do the same thing with one of those wire arches, just cover it on the inside with dark paper look like a tunnel or cave.

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Lexie July 27, 2014 - 4:09 pm

Step by step instructions on vines please


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