Toy Story 3 Party Food and Craft Ideas

by Linette

I have some fun Toy Story 3 party food and crafts to share with you today, courtesy of Disney’s Family! I’ve had an idea for Toy Story Alien cupcakes floating around in my head for a couple days now, then I saw these adorable green alien cupcakes! I might still have to make my idea, but these are pretty cool too!

If you’re looking for more Toy Story 3 party food ideas, check out these, Jessie Cowgirl Hat Cookies. How fun!

For a Toy Story party craft idea why not make some Buzz Lightyear Rocket Globes?

Disney’s Family also has this Toy Story 3 printable Woody Marionette puppet. The kids could each make one, then have their own puppet show.

Looking for more Toy Story 3 party ideas and fun? Check out these links:

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homemom3 July 10, 2010 - 7:30 am

These are so adorable. I think I’m saving this one for next year’s bday for the little one. That or I’ll make it sometime next month when I finally have a house. He simply LOVES Buzz Lightyear. You wouldn’t by chance have anything for him would you? I know he’d love these green guys too.


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