Fun Pool Party Game Ideas For Kids

by Linette

Are you planning a fun pool party this sumemr? Pool party game ideas for kids focus on a special activity of interest to your child. Swimming, playing water games, simply making sand castles – all make good party games and activities. Host a swimming party at a pool with costumes and games, provide arts and crafts materials and let the kids create their own party. This way you can turn the ordinary into the fantastic.

kids pool party game ideas

Turn your pool into an ocean, your garden into a forest, and your patio into a pirate’s den. All you need is a handful of materials, such as crepe paper and cardboard, a giant helping of enthusiasm from family members, and a pinch of imagination to provide the special details that make the fantasy come alive. Voila! You have a one-of-a-kind celebration in a magical, new oceanic world!

Water wars

Make squirt birds from old plastic squirt bottles. Clean the bottles thoroughly, then let the kids draw funny faces on the tops of the bottles—birds, monsters, or whatever they like. Add beaks or other details with pom-poms or plastic margarine-tub cutouts. Secure with a glue gun. Take the Squirt Birds outside and have a water war.

Lasso Game

Have a lasso game in the pool to see how the kids are able to round up things while in water. Tie one end of a rope into hoop, and make the kids toss it around a make-believe seahorse or any other object in the pool. Conduct a one-legged contest of tag. Make all the kids swim to safety without being tagged to a specific side of the pool.

Silly Sports

Have a mini-game in the backyard or park, and play baseball, football, soccer, or other favorite sport. Put on a triathlon and play twenty minutes of each game to keep the kids on their floating toes! Use the basic rules for each game, but also have every player make up one silly rule for the new version. For example, rules for Silly Sport baseball may include the following: “All players must bat with one hand,” “Pitcher must toss the ball from a sitting position,” or “Base runners can only swim backwards.”

Sand Beach Games and Craft

You can always surround the pool with a few bags of sand. Let the kids make sand paintings with colored sand or salt. Instead of hosting a sand castle party in the summer, have a make-believe summer party in the winter. Use your imagination to pretend it’s cold when it’s hot, and vice versa. Make sand candles. Dig a hole in the sandbox, pour in wax, add a wick, and pull out a sand candle. Make your children believe they are in close proximity to the ocean, and you will help their imagination and creativity run wild.

These fun pool party games will ensure that every guest has a great time both in and out of the water.

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