100 Back To School Backpack Ideas under $25

by Linette

I can’t believe we’re talking back to school already, but my son goes back to school in less than a month! I thought I’d share a collection of super cute back to school backpacks from Amazon that are all under $25 (as of the time of this writing, prices update on Amazon daily), some of them much less! If you’re an Amazon prime member you can get many of these within a couple days and not pay any shipping. I’m an Amazon associate, so if you click through these links and make a purchase I may make a small commission. As always all opinions are my own!

kids back to school backpack ideas

  1. High Sierra Curve Backpack
  2. JanSport Superbreak Backpack
  3. Everest Luggage Basic Backpack
  4. High Sierra Opie Backpack
  5. Madden Girl Bskoolll Backpack
  6. Trailmaker Girl’s Bunny Rabbit Backpack
  7. High Sierra Impact Red Backpack
  8. Billabong Juniors Hand over Love Backpack
  9. Everest Luggage Multi Pattern Backpack
  10. Trailmaker Girls Printed Backpack
  11. Hurley Blockade Black Backpack
  12. Dakine Women’s Cosmo Backpack
  13. Disney’s Little Mermaid Backpack
  14. Skechers Butterfly Spatter Backpack
  15. Stephen Joseph Hedgehog Backpack
  16. Dakine Atlas Skate Backpack
  17. High Sierra Fat Boy Backpack
  18. Everest Slant Backpack
  19. Everest Luggage Printed Pattern Backpack
  20. Disney Cars Backpack
  21. Everest Deluxe Small Backpack
  22. Skechers Shooting Stars Girls Backpack
  23. Hello Kitty Hearts Backpack
  24. Wildkin Fairies Sidekick Backpack
  25. Eastsport Blue Plaid Tech Backpack
  26. Camo Pink Crackerjack Backpack
  27. My Little Pony Animal Print Backpack
  28. Trailmaker Carabena Backpack
  29. Dickies Double Deluxe Backpack
  30. Lalaloopsy Backpack
  31. Roxy Juniors Noble Trek Backpack
  32. Teton Sports Backpack
  33. Dickies Paint Spatter Backpack
  34. Hello Kitty Backpack
  35. High Sierra Synch Backpack
  36. Minnie Mouse Backpack
  37. Angry Birds Star Wars Backpack
  38. Transformers Backpack
  39. Hello Kitty 3D Bow Backpack
  40. Volcom Schoolyard Backpack
  41. Billabong Vintage Black Plaid Backpack
  42. Roxy Junior Shadow Swell Backpack
  43. Mi-Pac Nordic Backpack
  44. Trialmaker Flannel Backpack
  45. Tapout Logo Backsack
  46. Trolls Glittery Backpack
  47. Disney Frozen Backpack
  48. Captin America Backpack
  49. Mi-Pack Denim Dye Backpack
  50. Element Juniors Camden Blue Backpack
  51. Hello Kitty Rainbow Animal Print Backpack
  52. Jake, Finn, and Princess Bubblegum Adventure Time Backpack
  53. Trailmaker Puppy Face Backpack
  54. Super Mario Game Time! Backpack
  55. Monster High Backpack
  56. Pink Cookie Skull Backpack
  57. Groovy Zigzag Backpack
  58. Mi-Pack Hot Pink Backpack
  59. California Pack Rebound Backpack
  60. Hello Kitty Stars Backpack
  61. Blue Skull Backpack
  62. Woodland Camo Backpack
  63. Everest Multi-Compartment Casual Backpack
  64. Stephen Joseph Sidekick Owl Backpack
  65. J World New York Oz Backpack
  66. Disney Planes Backpack
  67. Cute Cat Print Backpacks
  68. Paul Frank Julius Die Cut Backpack
  69. Flag Backpack
  70. Super Mario Backpack
  71. Trailmaker All Over Print Backpack
  72. Caribee Campus Backpack
  73. Paint Splatter Zebra Backpack
  74. New York Oz Backpack
  75. Dakine Darby Backpack
  76. Girl’s Emoji Backpack
  77. Hello Kitty Blue Bow Backpack
  78. Trailmaker Paisley Print Backpack
  79. Ecogear Glacier Backpack
  80. Trailmaker Hearts Backpack
  81. Skip Hop Zoo Butterfly Backpack
  82. Minecraft Creeper Backpack
  83. World Traveler Chevron Backpack
  84. Sumdex Freestyle Backpack
  85. Multiple Compartment Nylon Gray Backpack
  86. Everest Junior Slant Blue Backpack
  87. Chinook Shadow Organizer Backpack
  88. Dakine Wonder Backpack
  89. Toppers Sport Royal & Black Backpack
  90. California Pak See Curve Backpack
  91. Skip Hop Zoo Giraffe Backpack
  92. Sport Red & Black Backpack
  93. Caribee Beach Freshwater Backpack
  94. J World New York Lux Backpack
  95. Kidzamo Bella Backpack
  96. Dosho Design Backpack
  97. Benrus Bulldog Backpack
  98. Everest Dual Mesh Pocket Backpack
  99. Big Dog Basic II Backpack
  100. Everest Two-Tone Classic Backpack

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