5 Fun Kids Party Games to Play with Straws

by Linette

Planning a kid’s party? Next time you are at the dollar store, pick up a pack of colorful straws. For just a buck, you can come up with some fun kids party games to play with straws your party guests are sure to love. No fancy equipment is needed, just a few household items and your creativity. In no time, you can be playing fun, frugal, and skill building games. Take a look at these 5 fun kids party games to play with straws to get you started, then see if you can come up with some more on your own!


1. Bunny Tail Races
In this game, you take some cotton balls which act as your bunny tail. Draw a start line and finish line with chalk on the sidewalk. If playing indoors, just use some string or pipe cleaners to mark your start and finish. On GO, players need to blow into their straws to make the cotton ball move. The first person to get their cotton ball across the finish line wins.

2. Jewelry Fun
Use colorful straws to make your own jewelry. Cut the straws in various sized segments. String the segments onto string and tie the ends together to create necklaces or bracelets. Create various color combos and patterns to pack some punch!

3. Get Geometric.
Take a piece of construction paper and straws that have been cut into various segments. Try creating various shapes and objects using the straw pieces on the paper. You can glue them in place if you wish or place them and remove them to create more. Challenge each other to create various shapes and objects using the selection of straws.

4. Empty the Bowl.
Place a quarter, cotton ball, marshmallow, marble, and a few other small objects in a bowl. Give each person a pair of straws for them to use as they please to get the objects out of the bowl. Find creative ways to use these straws as tools. First person who gets all of their items out using only the straws wins.

5. Wind Art.
On a piece of paper, place a few drops of water color. Use your straws to blow the blobs of water color all over the paper. A very cool, very abstract painting will appear in no time. Add more colors if you wish and continue to blow the paint over the paper until you have the artwork to your liking.

See how much fun a simple package of straws can provide? Give these fun games a try and see how creative you can get! For a little money, you are sure to enjoy a lot of laughs!

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