Finding a Better Work State of Mind

by Linette

I used to work for a large automotive parts manufacturer as a senior buyer. I don’t want to say it was a bad job, sometimes I really enjoyed it at first, but it was stressful! I worked a ton of long hours, weekends, and even got calls in the middle of the night.

When my son was born, it got a little more stressful, because I was still working long hours, and getting calls in the middle of the night to fix problems they were having. One night I was just getting home from work at about 8pm. I thought my mom had picked up my son from the babysitter, but when I got there I realized she’d forgotten! My son was still at the sitters! I went to pick him up, and I cried all the way home!

That was one of the moments when I decided I really couldn’t do it any more. We decided we could drive our cars a few more years, put off remodeling the house, and cut back on our spending in other ways so I could quit my job and find something else part time. I was making very good money, so we both knew it was a huge leap of faith to think I would ever get to that place again in income. My husband was way more supportive than I thought he’d be, and if he wasn’t supportive I’d probably still be working a job I’d come to hate. My husband and my son have both been incredibly supportive through the years since the transition.

It was tough for several years. I did some odd jobs I could work while my son was at school, and started my own freelance business on the side in my spare time. My little side business grew, and after a few years I didn’t have to work the side jobs any more. I was working entirely from home. I know there were some family and friends who mumbled behind my back that I wasn’t working, and that I was just hanging out at home doing nothing. I’ve proven them wrong since of course, since I work just as hard or harder than many of them and I now make a fairly good income. We do still get to take those family vacations, get a newish car every now and then, and we’ve slowly been remodeling the house. My husband and my son are still very supportive (most of the time), and I couldn’t do it without their support and encouragement.


I started my business from home almost 10 years ago. I still work from home  full time for one company, and I also still do several regular freelance jobs on the side. I love my job and my family and I’m thankful for both every day! I’m also thankful my husband stood by me and left me take that leap of faith into the unknown all those years ago. I’m grateful for all of the time I got to spend with my son during those years I would have missed out on if I would have stayed in my old job.

Have you ever taken a leap of faith? Who was there to support you?

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