Party Game: Treasure Hunt

by Linette

A treasure hunt can be adapted to almost any birthday party theme. It’s perfect for a pirate, under the sea, or mermaid theme, but it can also work for almost any party (just change the name to something clever related to your theme). It’s a fun game, and many children are already familiar with it.

Hide the clues ahead of time so no one sees where you put them. The best way to lay out a treasure hunt is to hide the treasure first, then work backwards until you get to the first clue.

Define boundaries, so no one wanders off, gets hurt, or gets lost.

Make your clues clever and cryptic (coded). You can use codes the kids have to break, or you can use riddles, and even drawings for the clues.

The kids can search for the treasure individually, or it’s even more fun if you let them work in teams. The size of the teams will be determined by the number of children at the party.

Make it even more fun by making everyone a winner in the end.

Pirate and Mermaid birthday supplies. 

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