Football Party Games

by Linette

Football Toss
Divide the children into teams of two. You will need a football for each team. Have each of the children line up facing each other behind a designated line.

The kids will toss the ball from one to the other. After each successful toss the person who catches the ball takes a step back. If either player drops the ball, the team is out. Play until there is only one team left. The winning team gets the prize.

Football Throw
Let each child throw the football, the winner is the child who throws the football the furthest.

Flag Football
Cut up some fabric in two different colors. Divide the children into teams. Dangle the fabric swatch out of each child’s pocket. Each team is a designated color. Then play a fun game of flag football. You set the exact rules. Make sure you let the children’s parents know ahead of time, so they don’t send their children in their dress clothes.

Football Hoop Toss
Hang an old tire in a tree, or have an adult hold a hula-hoop at arms length. Have the children attempt to toss the football through the hoop. If you tie a tire in a tree you can also start the tire swinging and see if the children can hit the moving target.

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