Party Activity For Preschoolers: Make an Edible Cereal Necklace

by Linette

Kids love those candy necklaces you can buy at the store, but it can be just as fun for the kids to create their own edible necklace from their favorite cereal and a string of licorice! This can be a fun activity for a rainy day, or for a birthday party activity.

Candy necklace

It would be great for a preschool aged party or an in school activity. You can even have the children count the pieces of cereal as they add them to the necklace, or create a pattern with different types of cereal, like 5 Apple Jacks, then 4 Cheerios.

To create your own cereal necklace just purchase a box or two of  ‘O’ shaped cereal such as Fruit Loops, Cheerios, or Apple Jacks. You could also use chewy Lifesavers to make a candy necklace if your child isn’t a cereal fan.  You’ll also need a pack of string licorice.

Let the children string  the cereal onto the licorice strings.

When they’re done making the necklace they can eat it. It’s a fun preschool party activity, favor, and snack all rolled up into one.

cereal necklace

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