Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas

by Linette

A couple years ago my son wanted to have a Pokemon birthday party. With the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Pokemon is still a popular party theme for young boys.I thought I’d share a couple things here that we did for my son’s party, maybe it will give you some ideas for your own Pokemon party.

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Pokemon Party Game Ideas Have a Pokeball hunt. The Pokeballs can double as your party favors. Hide the Pokeballs like you would eggs if you were going to have an Easter egg hunt. Hide them in tougher spots if you have older children, make them easier to find if you have young children. Let each child find a Pokeball or two to take home with them.

Instead of a Pokeball hunt, you could also have a Pokemon treasure hunt. Divide the children into teams. Give the teams names like the Pokemon training team, or Team Rocket. Set up a trail of clues leading the children to a prize. Set up the trail before the guests arrive for the party. It’s easiest to start with the prize and work your way backward when you’re setting up the clues.

Draw a Pekachu on a large sheet of white paper, or a white board and play pin the tail on Pekachu.Get out the construction paper, pens, crayons, and markers. Let the children draw or create their favorite Pokemon.Play Pokemon trivia.

Play Pokemon charades and let the children pretend to be their favorite Pokemon while the other children try to guess who they are.

Decorate with red and white, or golden yellow. Make stars, lightning bolts, or Pokeball shapes to stick on the walls, or hang from the ceiling.Pokemon Cake Ideas

Make a Pikachu shaped cake, or make a Pokeball shaped cake or cupcakes with the Wilton Mini Ball Pan or the Wilton Sports Ball Pan Set.

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Whatever you decide to do make sure you include your favorite Pokemon trainer (birthday star) in the party plans. Kids love to help plan their own party.

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