4 Basic Rules To Help Plan Your Child’s Birthday Party

by Linette

There are some great rules you can use to help plan your child’s birthday party. Follow these guidelines to plan a fun party for the kids and you.

Birthday Party

Rule # 1 Only invite as many children as your child is old. If your child is 2-3 only invite two or three children to the party. More than that will overwhelm your child.

Rule # 2 Keep it simple on the big day. You want to enjoy your child’s birthday party, it only comes around once a year. Plan food and activities you can prepare ahead so the party day is a breeze. You’ll have enough to worry about with the guests and the birthday child.

Rule # 3 Make sure you have plenty of film in the camera, and camcorder to capture all those magic moments. Have a trusted relative or friend be the designated photographer for the day.

Rule # 4 Plan age appropriate activities. Keep the activities as simple as possible and you’ll keep from pulling your hair out.

Stick to these guidelines for your next kid’s birthday party, then stop back and let us know how it went!

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