Christmas Classic Movie Viewing Party

by Linette

iStock 000002162866XSmallHave you thought about having a holiday movie party this Christmas season? There are so many Christmas classics out there it would be hard to narrow down the movies you’d want to show.

Think up some movie related decorations, games, and snacks to match the movies theme. The party can be just your own family, or invite the neighborhood.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Make Polar Express Hot Chocolate

Make a Christmas Story leg Lamp using clay or plaster, or bumpus hound floppy ears with some felt or fabric.

Have a Christmas Story bundle up relay. Have the kids divide into teams, then put half of each team on each end of the course. Have each kid bundle up in hat, gloves, coat, boots, and a scar then race down to the other end. Then they take off all their winter gear and hand it to the next person in line, puts it on and races who races down to the other end. Repeat the process until everyone on the team has had a turn. The first team done wins!

Play Grinch tag (put a grinch twist on freeze tag)

Rudolph’s flight school- see who can jump the furthest

You get the idea, the games and snacks don’t have to be complex, just name them after the movie your watching. The kids will get a blast out of it.

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