Race Car Cake Idea

by Linette

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This cake is simple but it makes a great cake for a race car theme.

How to Make This Race Car Cake
Use two cake pans one about 1/2 the size of the other to make the base and top of the car. You can cut the top cake down, and also cut some angles in the cake if it doesn’t look like the proper shape to make the top of the car.

Ice the whole car with the color of icing to match your favorite race car.

Use a Hershey chocolate bar for the front windshield.

Add round chocolate cookies for the front wheels, and doughnuts for the back racing wheels.

Use graham crackers for the spoiler, ice them to whatever color you like. Use smaller graham cracker pieces for the base of the spoiler, and attach the spoiler to the car with icing.

Use a writing tip to pipe icing for the number on the front of the car, and another for the door.

Yellow candies make the headlights, you can also use red candies to make tail lights.

Don’t forget to add the candles!

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