Children’s New Years Eve Party Activities

by Linette

catch phraseWhat can the children do at your New Year’s Eve Party? Here are some great New Years Eve activities for children. You can have a couple older children be in charge of the children’s activities, or have the adults take turns supervising.

Play pin the diaper on baby new year. Find a large poster board, and draw your best version on baby new year. Blindfold the children and have them stick the diaper in the correct spot on baby new year.

Have a dress baby new year contest. Have a couple dolls, and have the children race down and dress the dolls, the next person races down and undresses. They continue dressing and undressing until the last child has a turn. The first team done wins.

Have a New Year’s Eve scavenger or treasure hunt. Have the children hunt for a list of items you’ve hidden around the room or house.

Have the children make crowns or tiaras to wear while they’re ringing in the new year.

Have the children each bring something to put in a time capsule to be opened next New Years Eve.

Set up puzzles and board games around the room for the children to play. Some fun party games include: Twister Moves , Apples to Apples Party Box Edition, Scene It? Disney Edition DVD Game, Hasbro Electronic Catch Phrase – Music Edition.

You can also play musical chairs, name that tune, or many other old game favorites. You may also want to schedule some down time for the children to free play, and visit with each other.

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