Planning A Birthday Party for Twins

by Linette

Planning a birthday party for twins can be a challenge.  You want to make each child feel like a special individual, while celebrating the fact they were born on the same day.

You should celebrate too, you get to celebrate two birthdays all rolled up in one day.  While it may be a hectic day, look at the bright side, you only have to do it once (a year)!

Twins Birthday Party Ideas

1. Dress up the birthday babies and let them be the star.

2. Plan a party based on the twins favorite characters.

3. Plan a cupcake party, they’re the perfect size for one candle. Each child can have their own mini cake. Put out the sprinkles and some decorative icing, and let the children decorate their own cupcakes.

4. Plan a fairytale party, your twins can be princes and princesses.

5. Plan a zoo or jungle party, let everyone stuff their own animal, or give it a two by two, Noah’s Ark theme.

6. Have everyone dress in pairs. If the children all know each other, or if you can coordinate it have all the guests have a twin for the day. You can also have dress up outfits at the party, and have two of each outfit for them to slip on over their clothes.

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