Pokemon Gift Guide

by Linette

Pokemon Plush Ornaments at AmazonMy son is a huge Pokemon fan, so he’s checked out what he wants to add to his Christmas list this year.

Here are a few fun gifts for the Pokemon fan on your gift list this year.

1. Pokemon 3″ Mini Plush Ornaments (Pikachu, Eevee, Squirtle, Mew, Munchlax and Mime Jr.) Your Pokemon fan can brighten their Christmas tree with Pikachu and friends this holiday season.

2. Pokemon TFG Next Quest Trading Figure Miniature Game Set of Both Starters (Riptide & Flamethrower) A great starter set for a Pokemon fan who wants to get started playing the figure trading game.

3. Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl for Nintendo DS top the list of any Pokemon fan who doesn’t already have these latest games.

4. Pokemon Diamond Pearl Pokedex Guide Book If they have the game, get them the guide, to help them make the most of their Pokemon gaming experience.

5. Create a Pokemon theme bedroom with Pokemon Pikachu Sleeping Slumber Bag Comforter or a Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Twin Sheet Set.

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