Summer Toys for Toddlers

by Linette

Summer time is the best time for kids to go outdoors and have the time of their childhood. Make sure you provide your children with all the toys and accessories to make his childhood summers more memorable. While you’re at it check out these fun summer toys for toddlers.

Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kids Tent


Deck the tent with ribbons, balloons, and witty signs. If you don’t own a tent, make sure you get this one for your kid this summer. You will also need a supply of rucksacks and other camping gear, but a kid’s tent is a must for a great camping experience. To add to the fun experience of camping outdoors, get yourself Pacific Play tents that is both waterproof as well as well ventilated. It is designed especially for kids and the extra space is for them to move around inside the tent itself.

Express Geyser Blast Sprinkler


Wage a water war with this geyser blast sprinkler. You will also need a few wet sponges and water buckets. Provide the kids with some lids so that they can shield themselves from the assault. This toy can also be used as a splash machine. Get the kids to line up and watch them all get wet to their heart’s content in the heat of the summer day. Have one of the kids switch it on and off, without glancing at one of the other players. Get the other kids to run past the space where the sprinkler is kept. The first kid who is able to make it from the starting point to the end without getting wet wins.

Inflatable Pool – Disney – Minnie Mouse


This pool is big enough to fit in two to three kids easily. You should have this at home if you want your kids and their friends to enjoy summer water games. Divide the kids into a couple of teams, make them sit on opposite sides of this inflatable pool, and improvise fun water games for them. You can also station a slippery slide next to the pool to make things more fun.

Summer Infant Travel Bed


This travel bed can be used to host the party outdoors at night. Instead of a daytime party, host a nighttime party and have the guests spend the night. They get to wear their pajamas, bring their pillows and sleeping bags, and enjoy an evening of scary stories, silly stunts, midnight snacks, and sudden surprises! Play lullaby songs in the background to set the mood.

Spider-Man Boys Grey Lighted Sandals


Spider-man is one of the most popular superheroes among toddlers. What tot wouldn’t love the idea of climbing walls and leaping over tall buildings? Let your child celebrate his favorite character with a fun Spider-man costume! Supply him with the mask, cape, glove and of course, a pair of fun Spider-man grey lighted sandals to complete the ensemble.

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