3 New Winnie The Pooh Movie Toys For Toddlers From Fisher Price

by Linette

I’ve been sharing some fun new toys coming out for the new Winnie the Pooh movie the last couple days. Today I have a few toddler toys that look like fun. I’m sure they’ll all be popular this Christmas.

First up this Winnie the Pooh Pop-Up Choo Choo is my favorite! Toddlers can bring building fun to a new level with, music, lights, and peek-a-boo, pop-up action. Press the smoke stack on the front engine train to have Pooh pop-up! Push down on Tigger’s lever and watch him bounce out like a spring! Roll the roller on the last car and see Piglet jump out for a surprise! Baby can even activate the lights and sounds by pulling the train. Looks super cute!

You can find it here: Fisher-Price Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Pop-Up Music Choo Choo

The Pull n’ Sort Eeyore is pretty cute too! I’m partial to Eeyore. He’s my fave Hundred Acre Woods character. This toy gives kids a great way to learn shapes and colors with all their favorite Pooh friends. It comes with five different shapes that kids can learn and sort. After sorting all the pieces, open the back of Eeyore, remove the pieces and play again! It’s a great toy to help children gain problem-solving experience and develop thinking skills.

Find it here: Fisher-Price Disney’s Eeyore’s Pull Along Shape Sorter

Rumbly Tummy Pooh~ Pooh’s hungry tummy needs hunny! When Pooh’s tummy starts to rumble and make noises, place his hunny pot to his mouth and help him “eat.” Once he’s full of yummy hunny, he’ll rock back & forth wiggling his ears & nose in delight! Pooh also talks and sings a song!

Fisher-Price Disney’s Rumbly Tummy Winnie the Pooh

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Southern Mama Bri July 17, 2011 - 1:34 pm

These look like great toys for my kids. My daughter loves Winnie The Pooh!

hali July 18, 2011 - 6:06 am

very cute toys! 🙂
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