Halloween Party Activities

by Linette

The invitations are in the mail, but you’re not yet sure what you’re going to do with those cute little ghouls and goblins when they arrive at your house? Here are ten fun Halloween activities you can do. Many are old favorites, but they’re included here to jog your memory.

  1. Have a pumpkin-decorating contest, stay away from the carving unless you have plenty of adult assistance. You can have paint, glitter pens, assorted markers, stickers, and stamps for the children to use to bling their pumpkin.
  2. Have a Halloween scavenger hunt.
  3. Play wrap the mummy. Grab some rolls of toilet paper, divide the children into teams, and let them wrap a team member up like a mummy. Give them some items to finish the look then judge the best.
  4. Have a scarecrow making contest.
  5. Play push the pumpkin. Purchase a few mini pumpkins, divide the children into teams. Have the children push the mini pumpkins with their nose, down around a marker and return to the start to tag the next person.
  6. Give a fun game a Halloween twist. Choose from Trick-Tac-Toe, Halloween Bingo, Halloween Word Scramble and more.
  7. Play ring the pumpkin. Divide the children into teams, have a large pumpkin and a hula hoop for each team. Let the team members take turns tossing the hula hoops to ring the pumpkin. The team with the most rings wins.
  8. Don’t forget to have a costume contest, judge the children’s costumes and hand out prizes for the most original, best costume, scariest, prettiest, funniest, etc.
  9. Go on a hayride, or visit a local Haunted House if the children are old enough. This may take some coordination, and cooperation from parents for extra vehicles to haul the children safely.
  10. Make Halloween shaped cookies with Halloween cookie cutters, then create a cookie decorating  bar. Let each child decorate their own cookie. Include colored icing, sprinkles, candy corn, candy pumpkins, gummy bugs and worms.


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