Plan a Kid’s Fiesta!

by Linette

Since Cinco De Mayo is just around the corner I thought I’d put together some fun ideas for a kid’s fiesta party. Stripes would be fabulous for your party theme and decorations. If you have some old sombreros or striped blankets you can use them for some authentic party decorations.

I love these striped party supplies, aren’t they fabulous!

Order Fiesta Stripes Deluxe Birthday Box
They’re loaded with fabulous colors you could use for any summer party. Make it a pool party fiesta and these party supplies would still be great!

Fiesta Kid’s Party Activities:

  • Get some maracas and let the kids have fun shaking them and singing their favorite songs. They can take them home later for party favors. All the parents will really appreciate you for sending their kids home with noise makers!
  • Use large squares of large tissue paper to make ponchos. Cut a hole in the center of the tissue paper for their heads to go through. Let the kids decorate their ponchos with markers before they put them on. Give a prize for the best decorated poncho. You could also use white cotton fabric, and let the kids decorate it with fabric markers.

Fiesta Food Ideas:

Fiesta Invitation Idea:

  • Cut a sombrero shaped party invitation out of tan construction paper and write your party details on the hat.

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