Easy Leprechaun Hat Kids Craft Idea

by Linette

I can’t believe we’re a week into March already, and St. Patrick’s Day is a little over a week away! Today I have an easy leprechaun hat kids craft idea to share with you for your St. Patrick’s Day crafting fun!

Easy st. Patrick's Day Leprechaun hat kids craft idea

When I’m crafting I love to look around the house and see if there are item I would normally throw in the trash I can use to create something fun or useful. I reused some old plastic containers to make this adorable leprechaun hat craft for St. Patrick’s Day.

Once the Leprechaun hat is made it has plenty of uses. You can use it to hold treats, or your favorite trinkets. You could also fill it full of candy and give it to a friend. Or even let your kids wear it on their head. Plus it’s a great way to give something you would throw away new life.

Leprechaun Hat Kids Craft


  • plastic container
  • 2 Pieces of green felt
  • Small scraps of black and yellow felt
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors
  • Felt tip marker

1. Make sure the container you are using is clean, and that it doesn’t have any sharp edges. If it’s not, clean it before starting, and remove any sharp edges or find a new container to use.

2. Use a small dessert plate to make the brim of the leprechaun’s hat. Trace around the plate with a felt tip marker, and cut it out.

Leprechaun hat kids craft

3. Measure the other container, and mark off a piece of the green felt to the height of the second container.

4. Trace the top of the container onto the green felt to make the top of the hat.

Leprechaun hat craft

5. Cut out the sides and top from the green felt, and glue them to the container. If the felt is not long enough to go all the way around the container, cut another small piece of green felt to add it to cover the gap in the back of the container.

6. Glue the bottom of the hat to the center of the brim of the leprechaun hat kids craft.

Easy kids leprechaun hat craft idea for St. Patrick's Day

7. Cut a half inch strip of black felt, long enough to go all the way around the hat container. Glue the strip where the top of the hat meets the brim to make a band.

8. Optional: Use a small scrap of yellow felt to cut a buckle for the hat. Cut a small square or rectangle of yellow felt, then fold it over and cut out the center. Glue the buckle to the front center of the hat band.
19. Glue the hat to the lid on top of the leprechaun’s head.

Kid's Craft Easy St. Patrick's Day leprechaun hat

Now you have a fun St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun hat!

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