Love Bugs Valentine’s Day Craft

by Linette

Let this cute little love bugs Valentine’s Day craft deliver your Valentine’s Day message to that special someone this year. All you need is an old egg carton, and a few other materials to make a fun handmade gift for your Valentine.

Love Bugs Valentine's Day Craft

Love Bugs Valentine’s Day Craft

  • Materials
  • Egg carton
  • ½ of a red or pink pipe cleaner
  • Red or pink cardstock
  • Red or pink paint
  • Paint brush
  • Craft glue or hot glue gun (with adult supervision)
  • Pair of wiggly eyes
  • Heart pattern for face and wings
  • Felt tip marker

1. Cut one egg cup from the egg carton for each bug you’d like to make. One egg carton can make up to 12 love bugs.

2. Turn the egg cup so the cup part is on top, and the opening is facing down. Have an adult, or older child carefully poke 2 holes with the tip of the scissors, in the top front (see photo) of the egg cup for the pipe cleaner to go through later for the bug’s antennae.

3. Let your kids paint the egg cup pink or red, and set it aside to dry. You may want to set the egg cup on some newspaper to catch any paint spills.

4. While the egg cup is drying, print and cut out the heart pattern. Trace the heart pattern onto pink or red card stock. Cut out 3 hearts for each love bug, one for the bug’s face, and two for its wings.

4. Glue the wiggly eyes to the rounded top of one of the hearts, and use the felt tip marker to make a mouth.

5. When the paint on the egg cup is dry, poke the pipe cleaner through the 2 holes on the top of the egg cup for the bug’s antennae (see photo). Roll both ends of the pipe cleaner once around your finger to make the top of the antennae.

6. Glue the bug’s face to the front of the egg cup, and one wing to each side.

7. Let your kids write their Valentine’s Day message on the wings. They can write the same message on both wings, or write a different message on each wing.

Love Bugs

Kid’s Fun Tip:
Instead of buying Valentine’s Day cards, you can make these love bugs to pass out for your classroom Valentine’s Day party.

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