Baked Clay St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Necklace

by Linette

I love playing with the baked and air dry clay. It’s so fun to make different things with it, from napkin rings to jewelry, and school projects. It seems like we’re always making something out of clay, but I haven’t shared much of it here.

Today I thought I’d share a simple baked clay shamrock necklace for St. Patrick’s day. If I made it again I think I’d make the shamrock just a little smaller, but it did turn out really cute!

I’m not a jewelry maker, we made this necklace strictly for fun, it’s not complicated or involved. Here are the instructions, if you make jewelry regularly and have any tips to add, feel free to chime in comments.

Shamrock Necklace How To:


  • Oven baked clay, we used oven bake green Sculpey Polymer Clay in two shades, you could also use yellow or white with the green
  • Toothpick
  • Yarn, embroidery thread, or wire for the necklace
  • Clasp
  • Needle
  • A small mold for the shamrock


1. Mold the shamrock. We used a small chocolate mold to make the shamrock (then scrubbed it really well as soon as we were done). You can also shape the shamrock by hand, or use a small cookie cutter.

2. Use your hands to make the beads. We used two different colors of green, but you could also add yellow or white to the mix. Make some of the beads two different colors by blending and pulling the clay until the two colors are folded together. Don’t mix them for too long, or they’ll blend together into a new color.

3. Once your beads are shaped the way you want them, use a toothpick to poke a hole through the middle. You can also poke a hole through the top of the shamrock.

4. Bake your beads and the shamrock in the oven according to the directions on your clay. I used an old baking pan lined with parchment paper to bake the beads.

5. Use a needle to string the clay onto some yarn, embroidery floss, or wire. Add a clasp to one end, and make a loop on the other to fasten the clasp to.

Note of caution: If you’re making the necklace for a young child use a safety clasp so the necklace does not become a choking hazard, and be aware that the beads themselves can be a choking hazard for young children.

You can wear your necklace for your green on St. Patrick’s day. Make a few less beads and you can also make this into a bracelet.

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The Party Animal March 10, 2010 - 4:40 pm

This is wonderful – I love the beads with the two colors. I love working with FIMO, but I have not done it in awhile – maybe it is time to break out my tub and get playing again – u may have just inspired me.


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