Zebra Print Personalized Party Invitations

by Linette

The zebra print party theme is really popular for older girls right now, and it also works well for a jungle party for younger kids. So, today I want to share some cute zebra print personalized party invitations from Big Dot of Happiness.

You can find them here: Zebra print birthday party invitations

I love the squiggle cut shape of these invitations, and the fact you can customize the printing for free if you order 16 or more. These would work well for so many party themes, and for most age groups, including:

  • A zebra print party
  • Jungle party
  • African safari
  • Girl’s fashionista party
  • Wild animal print party
  • Zoo party
  • Black and white party

These zebra print party invitations are printed on high quality 120# premium grade Kromekote Gloss Stock, and measure 7 x 5 inches. What does that mean? Kromekote is a beautiful heavy satin photo paper with a gloss like shine, and it’s made in the USA.

Big Dot of Happiness also has a full line of birthday party supplies to go with the zebra print theme. You can find them here: Zebra print party supplies.

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Rachel February 10, 2012 - 8:10 pm

Rachel’s 9th birthday hope you can make it !


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