Super Simple DIY Harry Potter Golden Snitch Ornament + More Creative Harry Potter Ideas

by Linette

My son grew up on Harry Potter! It’s was his favorite book and movie series for many years! He read most of the books a couple times, and we’ve had weekend Harry Potter movie marathons several times with many great memories, usually around the holidays! I was trying to come up with a fun Harry Potter ornament idea, and I decided a golden snitch would be super easy to make since you can start with a simple gold ornament, then add wings, and it would also look great on the tree all gold and glittery.

Easy Harry Potter Golden Snitch DIY Christmas Ornament Idea

Of course the wings were the hard part! I thought about some type of wired wing with gold glitter… but that sounds complicated and messy. I thought about a glittered cardboard wing, but again messy and definitely not lite and thin like golden snitch wings. I was sure I had some gold tulle from a project I made a few years ago so I was digging through my ribbon when I came across this gold wired ribbon and I decided it would be perfect for golden snitch wings!

I dug through my ball ornaments and found this gold glittered ornament. Perfect for the golden snitch!

Golden Snitch Ornament Materials

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Ornament

1- 2 inch gold glitter ball ornament
2 – 5-6 inch pieces of 2 1/2 inch wire edged gold mesh ribbon
Hot glue and hot glue gun

-Cut 2 pieces of ribbon 5 or 6 inches long

Golden snitch wings

-Wrap the wire from one side around the end to attach it together and keep the ribbon from unraveling. Repeat this on each end.
-Heat up the glue gun and glue one end of the ribbon to the side of the ornament just above the middle.
-Glue the other piece of ribbon to the same spot on the other side.
-Add a thin gold ribbon or a piece of wire to hang your ornament.

Easy Harry Potter Golden Snitch Ornament Idea

I told you this was super easy! No fuss, no mess but it would make a great addition to the tree, or a great gift idea for the Harry Potter fan on your holiday gift list!

Super Easy Harry Potter Golden Snitch DIY Christmas Ornament Idea

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