Handmade Paper Doily Valentine

by Linette

Do you make your kids make their own Valentines for that special someone in their life? A handmade Valentine says you really care. Parents and grandparents would love a handmade Valentine created with love, way more than any store bought card or gift you could give.

Here’s an idea for an easy handmade heart shaped Valentine with a paper doily as the background. I used cookie cutters to make the larger heart shapes, but you could also use die cut hearts, or print out your own heart pattern.

You can find the paper doilies in most craft stores. Wilton makes some that can usually be found in the cake decorating section at major retailers and craft stores.

Homemade Paper Doily Valentine



1. Lay the large heart cookie cutter over the lavender card stock, let your kids trace around the outside of the heart then cut out the outline.

2. Lay the largest crinkle edged heart on the red card stock, and have your kids carefully trace around the crinkles, then carefully cut it out to include the crinkles.

3. Lay the small red heart over the pink card stock, let the kids trace around the inside of the heart, then cut it out.

4. You can also cut some smaller hearts to place around the outside. Small heart stickers, or stick on gems would also work well around the outside of the heart. I cut 2 pink hearts, 2 red hearts and 3 lavender hearts, all about 1 inch tall.

5. Have your child write their Valentine’s Day message on the pink heart. Some message ideas include: Be My Valentine, I Love You, You’re Special, Happy Valentine’s Day, Grandma’s Valentine. The choice is up to you.

6. Glue the large lavender heart to the center of the paper doily.

7. Glue the red heart to the center of the lavender heart, and the pink heart to the center of the red heart.

8. Glue the smaller hearts an inch or two apart all around the outside to the paper doily.

Wait for Valentine’s Day (if you can), and give your homemade Valentine to someone special.


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The Party Animal January 10, 2011 - 12:31 pm

Of course I will be your Valentine !!! lol

Wanda Tracey February 11, 2013 - 10:43 pm

This looks like a real little project for my girl.Thanks

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