Fun Fall Craft Idea~ Gourd Animals

by Linette

Here is a super cute idea you can do with your kids with a couple of gourds, some paint, feathers or fabric, and a few pieces of cardboard or card stock. Let your kids use their imagination to create a gourd pet or animal. It can be a real animal, or an imaginary animal, whatever your kids come up with. These would be super fun to make for a fall or Halloween party.

Here are a few gourd animals to get you started:

What about a gourd cardinal, or duck?

This gourd monarch butterfly is one of my favorites

Or what about a gourd cat or dog, maybe even a hedgehog? Just add some pipe cleaners for whiskers, or some pom poms for fur.

Just use whatever you have around the house to make your own pet gourds, who knows maybe they’ll be the next big thing like pet rocks.

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