Christmas Cakes!

by Linette

I made a couple Christmas Cakes for @AmazingMoms, and I thought I’d share them here too. These are easy, fun cakes the kids can help you make.

First up is my favorite, and the easiest, a snowman cake:

He turned out super cute and was super easy to make. Hop over to Amazing Moms for the complete instructions:

Snowman Cake Instructions

The other cake I made was a Christmas wreath cake. This cake uses a simple Bundt pan to to get it’s shape. It’s also easy to make, but takes a little more time.

I think the wreath cake would look fabulous on a Christmas dessert buffet.  You can get the complete instructions for the wreath cake here:

How to Make the Christmas Wreath Cake

Looking for Christmas cupcake ideas? Check these out:

12 Fun Christmas Cupcake Ideas

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