5 Favorite Photo Christmas Cards~ How Can I Pick Just One?

by Linette

I love the holidays, but they always seem to come up so fast once fall hits. One minute you’re dressing the kids for Halloween, the next minute you’re running late getting the Christmas cards mailed out, and it’s almost Christmas Eve. This year is going to be different! I’m going to order my cards early, and have them ready to go out the day after Thanksgiving! Well, maybe a couple days after Thanksgiving…

I’m setting up an appointment for a friend to take a family photo later this month to use for the cards. I’ve even been looking at photo Christmas cards so when I have the pictures in hand I’m ready to order. Thanks to Tiny Prints I have some really cool cards to choose from, so I’ve narrowed it down to 5 favorites.

Here are a 5 of my favorite photo cards, I still have to narrow it down to that final special card I’ll send out to friends and family.

1. I really like this one, because the recipients could even hang it on their Christmas tree. I also like that it’s not the traditional square or rectangle card, and it’s simple, I like simple.

You can find it here: Merry Love

2. I really like the simple elegance of this one. I love snowflakes, and I can see my family photo on this card.

You can find it here: Fantasy Snowflake

3. I love this one, because it’s fun and playful, and there are three of us in the family. It kind of reminds me of the Elf Yourself, and the other website where you insert a photo of yourself. My family and friends would get a kick out of it, but they might also use it for blackmail. Hmmm.

You can find it here: Santa’s Little Helpers

4. I like the colors on this one, and it also comes in brown. I think it would be lovely with a black and white photo of the family. The bonus is, it was donated by Hellow Little One to benefit the March of Dimes.

You can find it here: Dotted Tab Holiday Card

5. I really like the elegance of this one too, did I say I like snowflakes? Who knew I would like black for a Christmas card?

It’s here: Fancy Snowflake

Now I just need to decide what mood I want to send out with my cards this year. Playful? Elegant? Simple? Fun? We can be all those things and many more, it just depends on the day. It will probably depend on the mood I’m in when I order them, but right now I’m leaning toward Santa’s Little Helpers, and my second choice is Merry Love (the ornament).

Have you started thinking about your holiday cards yet?

Disclosure: I am eligible to receive a free gift for this post from Tiny Prints. All opinions are my own, and I really am going to get my holiday cards out on time this year!

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By Word of Mouth Musings October 5, 2011 - 8:06 am

Last year i said it was the last year we were sending Christmas cards and that this year we would gift a goat – no one believes me 😉


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