5 Cute Photo Christmas Cards From Shutterfly

by Linette

I used to always send out the standard Christmas cards every year. I always tried to find some that sent the message I wanted to send and fit our personality. The last few years I’ve enjoyed sending and receiving more and more photo gift cards. I love seeing how much friends and family have changed throughout the year, especially the ones I don’t get to see often. It just seems so much more personal than a card picked out from a department store. I really love the new more customized and personalized Christmas photo cards, like these from Shutterfly:

I really like the snowflake background on this one, with one fabulous photo front and center this could definitely be an eye catching Christmas card.

I’m also a fan of this photo holiday card. I love the bright colors, and room for several photos. I think this would be a  great holiday card for grandparents, to show off their grandchildren.

Another favorite is this On Our Christmas tree ornament card, you can even share the latest happenings for your children or family.

I also really think this Frosty The Snowman Christmas card would be a fun card for kids photos, or for a family photo. Who doesn’t like Frosty? I like the folded cards because you could also add a letter, or additional photos and put them in the center of the card as a nice surprise.

My final Shutterfly favorite is this Music Score photo Christmas card. We love music at our house, and Christmas carols hold a special place in my heart, so of course I fell in love with the idea of this card.

Do you have a favorite photo Christmas card you’ve received through the years? I’d love to hear about it!

I’ll be back on November 1st with a chance for three lucky Kid’s Fun readers to win their own set of 25 gift cards from Shutterfly in the Sharing for Christmas giveaway. Stay tuned! You can see all these Christmas cards and more for yourself at Shutterfly.com.
Disclosure: I received free product from Shutterfly for writing this post. All opinions are my own.

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