Wizard of Oz Bookmark Craft

by Linette

What could be a m ore fun craft to make than this Wizard of Oz bookmark? It is great for your Oz themed parties or just because, and this bookmark will surely put you in the Wizard of Oz mood. Made from a few simple craft store supplies, this is a craft anyone can make.

Wizard of oz bookmark craft idea

Wizard of Oz Bookmark Craft

Take a look below at how to get started.

Supplies needed:
Red glitter craft foam
Black striped straws
Hot glue, glue gun

We found everything we needed at our local craft store. The glitter foam was found near the felt and runs less than $1 per piece. A little will go a long way, so if you are doing this craft with a group of people one sheet should be enough.

wizard of oz craft

1. Begin by cutting out a pair of shoes from the ruby red glitter foam. We free handed ours but feel free to make a stencil first if you wish. We just cut a basic oval and added a heal to the end. We cut out our shoes with two pieces of foam stacked so they would be nice and even.

Wizard of oz bookmark craft
2. Now, glue the shoes to the ends of the straws. You want two straws for two legs, and to simply glue the red ruby shoes to the bottom of each.

Wizard of oz red shoes craft

3. Now, apply a strip of glue to the sides of the straws and press them together. This will keep the two straws adhered together and create a nice book mark width.
4. Once your glue is dry, you are ready to use your bookmark. Just place it in between the pages you wish to mark so that the red ruby slippers stick out of the bottom of the pages.

The finished product will look like the poor witch has been squashed between the pages! How fun is that?

Gather your supplies and give this fun and frugal Oz themed craft a try!

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