The Columbus Zoo WildLights Display

by Linette

My sisters and I took our kids to the Columbus Zoo Wildlights display a couple weeks ago, and we all had a blast checking out all the lights and exhibits.

The light show at the Columbus Zoo runs through the end of the year. I was surprised, there’s quite a bit to do and see. They have a light show where all the lights blink to the beat of the music every hour. Here’s a video of it, but it was way more impressive to see the show live.

Here’s a shot of the lights around the lake where they had the light show.

Lights on the lake Columbus ZooSeveral of the animal exhibits were open too, mostly the indoor animals, but we saw Santa’s reindeer. We also saw the aquarium, and the manatees. The baby animal exhibit was open, but had a long line so we didn’t get to check him out.

lighted houses at the Columbus ZooThere were also quite a few lighted animals through the park. My favorite was this peacock on one of the buildings when we came in.

Peacock in Christmas LightsMy sisters and I took all our children on a Friday night. The kids had a great time, I even got a couple of them to stop long enough for a photo.

Kids at the zoo

Visiting a light show would be a fun holiday activity for a birthday party, or children’s Christmas party.

I would definitely recommend checking out the Wildlights show if you’re in the Columbus area this holiday season, you can find their holiday hours at the Columbus Zoo website.

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