Peter Pan Party Ideas

by Linette

A co-worker’s daughter is a big Peter Pan fan. Peter Pan party supplies are very hard to find. Here are a couple things you can do to incorporate the Peter Pan theme into your birthday party.

Tinker Bell Fairies Deluxe Party Pack
1. Have all the children make Peter Pan hats with green construction paper, and a feather.

2. Use green streamers and balloons to decorate.

3. Use green colored napkins, cups, and plates.

4. Top your cake with this Disney Peter Pan Figure Set. Then the birthday boy or girl will have it to play with after the party.

You can also incorporate the other Peter Pan characters with
Tinker Bell Fairies party supplies
for girls or Pirate Party supplies for boys.

Here’s a simple treasure chest cake idea, it would work great for a Peter Pan party.

Ice two chocolate cakes, and layer them together with chocolate coins, gold, and silver wrapped candies sticking out from between the layers, and sprinkled around the edges of the cake. Add icing handles, and leather straps by cutting strips from rolled fondant for a realistic, rustic appearance.
Treasure chest cake

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polina January 11, 2010 - 5:22 pm

where i can order peter pan supplies????


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