PEEPS Easter Bunny Candy Bouquet Idea

by Linette

I love PEEPS. My favorite way to eat PEEPS is after they’ve sat out for a few days and they’re all crunchy. My mom started me on eating them that way when I was growing up and it’s stuck! I also love to eat them after they’ve been toasted over the fire like a marshmallow. I don’t just love eating them, but I love to create with them too. I’ve seen some really cool PEEPS crafts and creations on Pinterest.

One of these days soon I’m going to make one of those PEEPS cakes! This morning I decided I was going to make a PEEPS Easter Bunny candy bouquet.

peeps easter bunny candy bouquet 3

I found PEEPS on sale at our local grocery store last week, so I bought a whole bag full of different colors of both bunnies and chicks.  I’m hoping to make a few more PEEPS projects before my son eats them all. The Easter candy bouquet was super simple to make!  Here are the instructions:

How to Make a PEEPS Easter Bunny Candy Bouquet


  • 6 inch flower pot, or basket
  • floral stones or marbles
  • floral foam to fit your pot or basket
  • paper shreds
  • 3 large bunny PEEPS
  • 3 pink bunny PEEPS
  • 3 purple bunny PEEPS
  • 3 blue bunny PEEPS
  • Kabob sticks, small dowel rods, or caramel apple sticks
  • 1/4-1/2 inch yellow, blue, purple and pink ribbon
  • wire cutters


1. Place floral stones or marbles in the bottom of your container to add weight so it doesn’t tip over when you create your bouquet.

2. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit snugly into the container. You may need to secure it around the edges with some heavy duty tape if it doesn’t fit snugly.

3. Hide the floral foam by topping it with paper shreds. I always save these whenever I get them in gifts or packages. I have a whole collection of colors so I added a little of each color I was using in the bouquet. One coordinating color would be fine!

peeps bunny easter candy bouquet

4. I found some large white PEEPS at our local Walmart store, so I used them as the stars of this bouquet! I cut the kabob sticks I was using to different lengths and added the bunnies. I tied a matching ribbon around the stick just below the bunny.

peeps bunny easter candy bouquet 2

5. I added the large white bunny PEEPS to the basket first, since they are the stars!

peeps bunny easter candy bouquet 3

6. Then I filled in around them with the other PEEPS. I took a flower arranging class a few years ago, and one of the rules that actually stuck with me was to arrange everything in a triangle shape to give your arrangement balance. I tried to arrange each color in a set of 3 so it formed a loose triangle. If you have a larger container you can add more PEEPS of each color, just follow the triangle rule and you should be fine!

7. I added a couple pieces of tissue paper to the back of the arrangement to make it pop!

peeps easter bunny candy bouquet 2

That’s it! I told you it was super easy! I think this would look great as an Easter table centerpiece!




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Marina March 6, 2013 - 6:32 pm

What a great idea. I’m pinning this to make as little gifts for teachers!

Kecia March 8, 2013 - 2:38 pm

Cute decoration for Easter! I am not a big fan of Peeps, but I’ve never let them sit out and get crunchy. I’m going to try that now!

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