Lego Cake Ideas

by Linette

I’m a big fan of LEGO cakes, I’ve written about them before on some of my other blogs, but I don’t remember if I’ve shared them here. With the new LEGO Ninjago Sets and the LEGO Battles Ninjago video game coming out, I thought I’d put together some LEGO cakes I really like, hopefully it will give you ideas for creating your own LEGO cake masterpiece.

All of the cakes have the source listed below them, just find the same number on the list.
1. An easy basic LEGO cake from Kaboose

2. LEGO building blocks cake from Betty Crocker

3.Lego Mini Figure Cake from Krazy Kake Bakers

4.  Another really cute LEGO person cake from Thrifty 101 (she has more LEGO party ideas listed too)

If you’re looking to make your own LEGO cake here are some pans and molds to help you create a LEGO masterpiece.

lego cake panCheck out the official LEGO® Brick Cake/Jelly Mould. According to the company you can just mix up a cake or jelly recipe and pour it into this fun, brick-shaped mould  pan to create tasty desserts shaped like real LEGO bricks! Makes six individual 2 1/2 inch snacks! The mould is dishwasher and microwave safe and can be used at temperatures of up to 210º C or 410º F.

lego ice lollipop mold mouldThere’s also a Minifigure Ice Lollipop Mould. You can make your own delicious frozen Lego minifigure treats with this unique popsicle mould! I think it would also work well for molding chocolate party treats. One tray will make 3 minifigure popsicles at a time.

Lego ice trayBuild your own Lego sculpture with the Ice Brick Tray, or just serve the coolest party drinks ever with flavored Lego ice cubes floating in each one. The mould is made of durable silicone, and each ice cube tray makes 10 ice ‘bricks’ at a time! It’s also completely dishwasher safe.

Have fun making cakes and treats for your Lego party!

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