Super Cute Jungle Cake Idea

by Linette

I have another super cute cake idea to share with you today! It’s a jungle cake complete with monkeys, an elephant and a giraffe! It’s a simple rectangle sheet cake, iced with white icing. You can make the palm tree with a decorator spatula. I didn’t make this cake, a friend did, but she’s letting me share the photos, and some how to instructions.

jungle cake 1

Here’s a closeup of my favorite part (below)! The elephant! So cute!  The stones are edible, and the animals are piped on using different sized round piping tips, then shaped or flattened. You can flatten parts of the animals by using a small piece of wax paper and your fingers.

You can use a Wilton #233 tip or similar to make the grass. A leaf tip like the Wilton #68 tip to make the leaves around the elephant and the taller grasses.

To make the pink inside of the elephant’s ears use a medium star tip or you can just use a spatula to add it to the cake, and create your elephant around it. You can also us a star tip to make the border around the outside of the cake, the clouds and the base.

jungle cake 2

The monkeys in the palm trees are super cute too! You could also use fondant or gum paste to roll out some of the animal parts, like the giraffe, or the monkey’s faces.  A small piping tip can be used to make the details on the animals faces.

jungle cake 3

Use a few blue or white sugar sprinkles to add a little sparkle to the background of the cake if you want to. This is a really fun and festive cake for a jungle party theme. We’ve posted quite a few jungle party ideas here at Kid’s Fun Review over the last few years you can find most of them, including ideas for jungle cupcakes, decorations, and party supplies here: Jungle Party Ideas

Have fun!

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