Easy To Make Scarecrow Cake DIY

by Linette

This is a super simple and fun cake to make for your fall harvest party, Halloween party, or even for a Thanksgiving feast. It’s not hard to make this fun scarecrow cake. The kids can help decorate with fun items you might already have in your pantry.


Easy To Make Scarecrow Cake


  • Cake mix
  • White Decorator icing
  • Ivory food color
  • Blue food color
  • Chow Mein noodles
  • 2 Oreos or other sandwich cookies
  • 2 chocolate melts or chocolate candies
  • 1 Fruit Rollup or other type of fruit leather
  • Small tube of black decorator icing
  • 9” Round cake pan
  • 8” Square cake pan


1. Mix up the cake mix according to the recipe or mix instructions.

2. Coat the inside of your baking pans with a cooking spray with flour in it, or cut a piece of wax paper in the bottom of the pan to help the cake release when it is finished baking. Pour half the cake mix into the round cake pan, and the other half into the square pan. Bake the cake according to the directions on your mix or recipe.

3. Once the cake is baked set it aside to cool for a few minutes. Once they’ve had time to cool a little, turn the cakes out onto a wire rack to finish cooling to room temperature.

4. While the cake is cooling mix up a batch of your favorite decorator icing and add ivory (or a light brown) food color to about 1 to 1 ½ cups of the icing to ice the round cake for scarecrow’s head.

5. Color another ½ cup of icing with the blue food color for the scarecrow’s hat.

6. Once the cakes have cooled, use a serrated knife or cake leveler to level the tops of both cakes.

7. Cover a piece of cardboard large enough to hold your scarecrow with decorative foil.

8. Put a little dollop of icing in the spot where you are going to put the scarecrow’s head then set the round cake on top. The icing will help hold the cake in place.


9. Ice the round cake with a layer of the ivory icing to seal the crumbs in, then set the cake aside for 10 to 15 minutes to give the icing time to dry.

10. Add another layer of ivory icing to the round cake.

11. Have an adult cut the square cake into the shape of a hat. First cut two triangles out of the sides of the cake, leaving the bottom uncut for the hat brim (see photo). You can cut out more of the cake until the hat is the shape you’d like. Just keep cutting away small amounts of cake with a serrated knife. You can make the hat into a derby hat, a top hat, or the shape of your child’s favorite hat.


12. Put the hat in place above the scarecrows head and ice it with a layer of blue icing.

13. Once the first layer of icing has dried, add a second layer of blue icing to the hat.


14. Put Chow Mein noodles around the bottom of the hat, and sticking out from the sides of the scarecrows head for straw hair.


15. Take the top layer off of two sandwich cookies, and put them in place for the eyes.

16. Cut a triangle about an inch tall from a Fruit Rollup and add that to the face for the nose.


17. Use a small tube of black decorator icing to pipe on a stitched mouth.

18. Serve your scarecrow cake with other fall favorites like caramel apples, or cider.


Kid’s Fun Tip:

Need more scarecrow cake to feed a larger crowd? Make this cake into a double layer cake by adding another round and square cake (and another cake mix).

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