Mardi Gras Party Supplies For a Mardi Gras Kid’s Party

by Linette

Mardi Gras can be a fun party theme for a winter kid’s (teens) party. I love the bright shades of blues, purples, and greens that usually go with a Mardi Gras theme, and these party supplies are no exception. Check out this new
Mardi Gras Magic Party Pack
from Celebrate Express.

Mardi Gras Magic Party Pack for 8
I think this would be super fun for a teenage party theme. It’s hard to find Mardi Gras party ideas for kids, many of the ideas out there are for adult parties, but it’s not hard to change it up into a fun theme for kids or teens. They’ll love the bright colors, beads and masks.

There are even Mardi Gras Magic Hanging Swirls to decorate your entry way.
Mardi Gras Magic Hanging Swirls (5)

Looking for other Mardi Gras party for kids ideas?

  • Decorate with beads
  • Have everyone wear a mask and make it a masquerade party, or have the materials set up at a table to let everyone create their own mask at the party to wear. Make sure you have plenty of glitter, glue, scissors, assorted feathers, markers, mask patterns and card stock to use to create the masks.
  • Hang gold, green and purple balloons from the ceiling.
  • Serve up a Mardi Gras king cake for the birthday girl.
  • Noisemakers are also fun for the kids!


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