Homemade Valentine Idea~ Heart Fish

by Linette

I have a super easy homemade Valentine idea for you today. If you don’t really care for any of the kid’s commercialized Valentines that are available, you do have another option. You can make your own.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. You can make these heart fish in just a couple minutes each. You can use construction paper, or scrapbook paper to make the hearts, and all you need is one googly eye, or you can even draw the eye if you want to.

Cut 2~ 5 inch hearts from construction paper, or cardstock in your choice of colors, cut 1~ 3 inch heart for the tail. Flip one of the 5″ hearts and glue the two 5″ hearts top to top like the photo above. Then attach the 3″ heart for the tail, and glue on the eye. Write your Valentine’s Day message on the back. It’s that simple!

You can adapt these to any size you want, they’re still super simple.

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